Never ever, as a younger person, did it occur to me to become an artist. That word wasn’t in the vocabulary of the culture I grew up in and yet that’s exactly where the wandering path of life has brought me - first as a quilt maker turned textile artist, next with creative clothing, then with mixed-media jewelry, and now with a combination of all three. How fun!

A friend once described my work as bold and sculptural which totally resonated. I’m so grateful. It’s also handmade and one of a kind. There is literally only one. That’s an important distinction especially to women like myself who don’t want to look like every other woman. We want our clothes, jewelry, handbags - the pieces of our lives - to express our authentic self. 


Most of my pieces are not planned. They couldn’t be reproduced even if I wanted to because not only are many of the components hand-crafted, each piece begins with an idea and is created step-by-step through responding to the developing work until it says it’s finished. This is good. Reproduction work bores me and a bored artist is not a good artist. Instead, I’ve learned to embrace the “what if” and “how can I” questions and to thoroughly enjoy the journey of the unknown. I even like “mistakes”. They lead to such interesting places

I live in the small creative community of Salmon Arm in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a town I’d always wanted to live in so I moved here on purpose as part of my retirement plan - not that an artist ever retires. My townhouse backs onto a creek and when the studio windows are open, I can hear the water gurgling all year long. It's such a gift. Again, I’m grateful.

If you'd like to share more of my creative journey, please come visit my blog. Thanks. 

- Myrna

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