Never ever, as a younger person, did it occur to me to become an artist. That word wasn’t in the vocabulary of the culture I grew up in and yet that’s exactly where the wandering path of life has brought me, first as a textile artist and now as a mixed-media jewelry artist.

A friend once described my work as bold and sculptural which totally resonated. I’m so grateful. It’s also handmade and one of a kind. There is literally only one. That’s an important distinction especially to women like myself who don’t want to look like every other woman and who want pieces that are authentic to their personal self-expression.


The pieces are not planned. They couldn’t be reproduced even if I wanted to because not only are the components hand-crafted, each piece begins with an idea and is created step-by-step through responding to the developing work until it says it’s finished. This is good. Reproduction work bores me and a bored artist is not a good artist. Instead, I’ve learned to embrace the “what if” and “how can I” questions and to thoroughly enjoy the journey of the unknown. I even like “mistakes”. The younger me couldn’t do that either!

I live in the small creative community of Salmon Arm in British Columbia, Canada. It’s a town I’d always wanted to live in so I moved here on purpose as part of my retirement plan - not that an artist ever retires. My townhouse backs onto a creek and when the studio windows are open, I can hear the water gurgling all year long. It ‘s such a gift. Again, I’m grateful.

Thank you for sharing my creative journey and the beginning of this making jewelry for others stage. As you receive notification of new items
in the shop or follow me on Instagramyou will experience the growth curve along with me. I hope you enjoy what you see. I hope that one piece loves you so much that it gets to go to its new forever home.