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Back from Substack

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I moved my newsletter to the Substack platform last December to allow for greater interaction and there was a bit more but not substantially so I am moving it back to Wix in order to have everything in one place. This will make it much easier for me to let people know what's happening. I'll be announcing my very first video workshop (that is already open for enrollment) in Friday's newsletter and I'm working on setting up my online shop. I'm a bit of a technical dinosaur so it's taking time to figure it out but... ... have I ever learned a LOT over the last eleven months since I started the business. It's looking like maybe, after a year in business, that I'll be at the generating income stage. I am excited about that and thankful that I'm having fun! In the posts, I've disabled comments and hidden all the buttons. How complicated it was for subscribers to interact is the only thing that frustrates me about publishing on this platform. With the limited interaction that there has been, it is easier to email me at if you have a comment you'd like to share.

If you signed up at Substack after the 19th of December 2022 and before March 1, 2023 I have imported your information to this secure Wix site. If you are not comfortable with that, please unsubscribe.

If you unsubscribed at Substack, I do not have that list so I could not remove you from this one. It'd be lovely if you stayed but if not, please unsubscribe and accept my apology for bothering you. I have republished the posts from Substack . I couldn't back date them to the original dates but they are here, published on February 28th. Only one is out of order. This post is to let you know about the changes. After Friday's post, I'll be back to once a week. Thank you for your understanding.

These images are of a piece I created for over the fireplace in my living room. It's mounted on a gallery wrapped, wooden canvas and is 24" x 48". I haven't named it yet but I am really enjoying having something in that space... finally... after two years. Talk soon -

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