First Post On My Sixth Blog !

If given a choice, I almost always prefer to stay with what is already working rather than make a change. This time however, I am going to voluntarily move into a new learning curve rather than continue to post to the "old" blog because... ... I also like efficiency, organization, and streamlining my life as much as possible and my website is hosted here on Wix which allows for a storefront and a blog. From my how to blog research, the Wix format eliminates some of the issues I was encountering with Blogger and I like the option to post pieces for sale if and when. Now, at the beginning of the new year with fewer subscribers, seemed like the time to make the change. For those of you who have followed my blog for years.... from blog to blog to blog.... THANK YOU for dealing with yet one more change. This will be the last.

For almost ten years, I have been making a what does the next year hold collage as a way of setting intentions for the next year. I started 2022's on the 31st and finished it on 1st. One image is of this old fashioned typewriter that represents my commitment to blogging. It was a good decision to return. There are posts dancing in my head and I'm enjoying how knowing that I will be writing a post is once again making me aware of things to share. I'll talk more about the collage in an upcoming post. Talk soon - Myrna Grateful - new year, new beginnings, new opportunities.

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