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General Directions To Move In

If everything has gone according to plan, I am clear across the continent, in another country, taking a workshop at the Creative Journeys Studio in Milton, Georgia...

...with Lynn Yuhr about working with liquid polymer clay. I "met" Lynn several years ago via Instagram and we communicated by email for a while and then lost touch due to both of us moving in different directions . Now, I'm moving back in her direction only it's a new direction since we talked last.

Lynn's artistic practice has grown leaps and bounds in the last couple years and she's developed not only a range of classes on liquid polymer clay but on combining clay with metal. She teaches some fabulous classes online at MetalWerx and so far, I've taken the Layers & Levels, Rivets, and Tabs workshops and now this in-person one and then, when I get home, I am taking Bespoke Chains. So far, it's all been theory. I know a lot about what can be done and not much about making it happen. My technical skills are nowhere near my design abilities. And I think that's just perfect. I am really looking forward to digging deep into a new topic and also to...

... sewing some clothes for myself. Much of the last year has been spent making bags and I'm slowly transition to a broader scope including more clothing... which is for me... and doesn't need to be sold... and I am probably going to need since some genetic predispositions are threatening if I don't make some changes that include shrinking.

I'll be working on two garments in particular using Vogue 8934, the coat, and Vogue 9268, the dress. The dress is for my youngest son's wedding on the long weekend in May. It's a knit fabric with lovely drape. I've sewn this dress pattern twice before and I know it's comfortable, easy to wear, and flattering, all of which are quite important. I already have a necklace that goes well with it however, I'll definitely try to make a new one if I have time. I was expecting to have several months longer and then they decided on a different date.

I've sewn the coat several times before, once out of denim scraps, once as a raincoat, once as a winter coat, and most recently in a lightweight corduroy. You can see all of them in this week's video. This turquoise fabric is very similar to the last one... also lightweight... also corduroy... also with lovely drape... so I tried to talk myself out of making it again only the fabric would not stop calling me. I left it at the shop the first time only to drive back (45 minutes away) a few weeks later to see if it was still there. It was. I bought it. Apparently, I do need another coat. AND... I've made some polymer buttons to go with. They are not the best buttons ever as I'm still learning what not to do with polymer but they are super fun and that is good and enough.

One of the things I really enjoy about being a maker is how unique and authentic our pieces can be whether they are bags or garments or jewelry. I really like a specific shade of lime green and it makes me look sick so I can't wear it as a main colour but I can accent with it. If you watch today's video, it's about the direction I'll be moving in over the next few months on the channel which of course is also in the studio. It includes jewelry, more garments, and fewer bags. I had to make a financial decision that unless they sell, I can't afford to keep producing bags for the channel and yet I'm really enjoying creating the videos and sharing what I know to support and encourage the creativity of others. Shifting to more clothes, for me, makes that doable and win-win.

Talk soon -

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