Making Muddy Beads

Although, I spent most of the week between Christmas and New Year's on the couch in front of the fire sniffling and sneezing courtesy of my grandsons, I did manage to make a few muddy beads.

They started with leftover polymer clay scraps that I added yellow, black, or both to and twisted, rolled, stretched, and formed over foil cores. They were ugly.

It's going to take practice to know that sweet spot where I should stop mixing the clay before it's one step over the edge. That said, there is more than one way to save a bead so...

... I painted the baked beads with copper on left and gold on right and a mix of the two in-between and that helped... a little. I'm debating what next. I ended up with a mix of the two because I had some gold paint on my palette and then added the copper and because neither was "pure", they couldn't put it back in the containers so...

... the excess was dry brushed onto the abstract painting I'm developing step-by-step. It looks like a beginner's piece. I'm a beginner. It makes sense. So far, over the fireplace is where I'm doing the painting although that won't last. I don't want paint on that amazing mantle. It's live edge, a piece of wood my contractor had in his workshop and gifted to me. How nice is that !

The next time I painted beads, there was some black left over so I finger painted it onto the canvas. Next, I'll take it down and add a lot more black. This is the point where it looks like nothing and I wonder if I'm crazy. Probably, but then again who cares. It's not like the painting police will be visiting my house. I'll just keep going until I get something, hopefully something I'm willing to displayable If not - VBG - I can save that too. Yesterday was a very Very VERY long day trying to figure out how to add the blog to this Wix site. We could encounter a few technical glitches over the next while as I attempt to figure out this new format. Thanks for sticking with me. Talk soon - Myrna Grateful - two successful posts.

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